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With the power to inform and sell on the go, Mobile Apps are big business. Cutting edge and engaging, a downloadable Mobile App promises a visual market presence like no other. An effective customer-facing App has the power to increase revenue, visibility, customer value, brand image and loyalty, customer engagement and a competitive advantage over competitors.

Safe to say, an App’s influence extends far beyond the pocket or bag your customer’s mobile device lives in.

At INTECCO, we also design our Mobile Apps around you. It’s a breath taking result for something so small.

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  • We produce beautiful software + cloud-based systems that let you float freely
  • Our digital products are effortlessly responsive to the senses
  • Whether to attract your customers or support your team, our Apps provide a flawless end-user experience they won’t forget


  • We combine cutting-edge technology with exquisite design
  • Our team are specialists in the art of Mobile technology
  • We create beautiful code, that is vigorously tested in our quality-verification process
  • The results? Technically-brilliant Software that is beautiful in how it looks and operates


  • Experts in cloud technology, we provide optimum service, availability and performance
  • Our intelligent back-end systems securely hold the infrastructure of your Mobile Apps and Software systems in place
  • Businesses can maximize their digital capabilities, across different devices and systems


  • As ‘People-people’, we prioritize our clients above all else
  • Here to help, we provide dedicated support throughout the POC and design stages + post-launch
  • Our digital solutions and smart Software offer value for money, as well as beautiful results


Think Big. Think INTECCO.

Creating clickable, workable and effortless experiences, our Business-facing Enterprise Apps deliver a superior level of functionality and service satisfaction. INTECCO Apps let your employees fully maximise their productivity and time.

Enterprising and personal, welcome to a more beautiful Business.


Building on from the success of our main enterprise-class platform, we are excited to be releasing the Coaudit App now to the Public.

INTECCO’s specialist App enables contractors to self-audit their work, by sending a range of data (such as work location, work order number and images) to a centralized cloud-based system. The data is then efficiently generated into reports. Managers are able to review these reports on the go; with no time constraints or fuss.

In short, our CoAudit APP lets you stay on top and do things right!

Also with CoAudit Guard, our API (Application Program Interface) seamlessly integrates with your existing systems - for effortless backend communication you can rely on.

Join the CoAudit Club today, and tap into cost-effective assurance.


Tap into beautiful Software.

Growing a Business is all about staying relevant and staying ahead.

If you have been seeking to maximize your client base and business performance, then chances are you are not yet enjoying the benefits of our custom Software programmes and Cloud systems!

Here at INTECCO we are here for you. More than just experts, we are design-led perfectionists, who believe that App technology and Cloud systems can be made beautiful.

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